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Astro update from Mr. Canita: go with the flow

By / Rosie Freeman / 0
Is it Blue? Is it Blood Red? Is it a full Super Moon?
Luna/Phoebe/Selene has many names and is all of these – as fluid and changeable as the oceans she ‘influences’ here on planet Gaia, and the astro water sign – Cancer – she rules. But the moon is a part of all of us and influences everyone.
And an eclipse to boot!  Can this girl be any more impressive in her calm, silvery guise? Not hot and startling like our life source, the sun, but in the background controlling our high tides, low tides and undercurrents.  Yet without the sunlight, there would be no darkness as the shadow of our earth eclipses her face.
Full moons heighten emotions, good and bad, so keep your cool as she ripens to her roundest at 13.27 today in our part of the world. Then over the next couple of days the tension wanes away from this ‘once in a blue moon’ (second full moon in the same month) event.
Go with the flow.