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July 15, 2018

DFF 2018: Female Focus
Location : The Brick Box Rooms
The future is female and it is celebrated at The Brick Box Rooms with some short films from female filmmakers.
Georgina Cahill
(United States)
Evolve is a short, experimental film following the evolution and progression of the world
Savannah Rodgers
(United States)
Dragtivists is a short documentary about the intersection of activism and drag performance.
‘You’re Welcome’
Rebecca Panian
You want to drink your coffee peacefully but instead you end up in a situation where people start to stir up hatred against refugees – what do you do?
Amy Frear
(United States)
A wayward selkie (a seal that can turn itself into a human) has followed a school of herring up the Delaware river when her seal skin is captured by a man from the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia.
Séverine De Streyker and Maxime Feyers
France meets her son’s girlfriend for the first time. She loses control.
Elodie Dermange
As she is showering, dressing, putting on her make-up, a woman bares her soul. She speaks of her fears, her complexes, and the process of accepting – even loving – herself.
‘Pumpkin Movie’
Sophy Romvari
Two women carve pumpkins together over skype as they discuss a years worth of negative interactions with men.
‘We Will See Someday’
Nari Hong
(Republic of Korea)
This story is about death. A while ago, I had met a cat on the way home. We’d carefully watched out for each other. Even though when we had known each other for a long long time, we had kept some distance all the time. I cannot forget the day when the cat allowed me touch. It was very warm and soft.
‘Augenblicke – a blink of an eye’
Kiana Naghshineh
Three perceptions of only one truth – hers, his and ours.
Catharina Isenburg
Global Village, digital generation: a policewoman who becomes obsessed with the hunt…but who is she after?
Jessica Beshir
(United States)
One man’s nightly ritual brings solace to the lovelorn of Harar.
Stefanie Kolk
(The Netherlands)
Two industrial painters are at work in the Rotterdam harbour. The discovery of a dead body in the water forces them to reflect on their situation.
Nicole Lehrman
(United States)
Sarah, newly pregnant, is left home alone after her beloved Ash leaves the country to visit family. Before long, dread and paranoia creep up on Sarah as she awaits a call from Ash, and something insidious begins to follow her body and mind.
‘Ready for a Baby’
Anastasia Dyakova
A young woman in her thirties feels very happy and excited – she has a partner, everything in her life is under control, so now is the perfect time to have a baby. It should be easy and natural, with love and fun and everything else … right?
‘The Burden’
Niki Lindroth von Bahr
An animated musical with apocalyptic undertones. The story is divided into four episodes that takes place in a supermarket, a long term hotel, a call center and a hamburger restaurant. All of the settings are located in a modern, generic market place next to a large freeway. The characters, portrayed as animals, perform musical numbers with singing and dancing. The episodes varies both in story and mood, and spans from cheerful tap routine to nightmarish black.